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All Creatures Here Below

by Those Know-It-Alls & Their Mighty Causes

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I wake up to the mountain song, I wake up to the sun in my eyes Where you’ve gone I don’t recall, I see your shadow across a dark lit hall The trees all bear your name, in a circle they dance and sing of the day you came The moon shines down from above, illuminating the place you once loved Oh, to be a sparrow in the sky and chase after the dove flying by When the stream begins to run, I will follow hoping to catch the Son And as he walks through the field, the flowers rise to their feet finally revealed I wake up to the mountain song I wake up to the sun in my eyes
Well you’ve messed up one too many times You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to hide From the things that you’ve done but they wont easily be forgot And the love of our friends and family it cant be bought So you try to tell them that old life is in your past But their hearts are hard and their wounds are deep, they wont heal fast But they say there’s a man, a wise man that they serve Their shepherd who protects them, he’ll have the final word The wolf goes down and bows before him, but he says stand you are a friend For I know your heart and I can see all of the things that you wish to be I’ve loved you since you were born and soon this darkness from your life will be torn away For I know your heart and you can join our family and be set apart
The birds have been called home, they’ve left their trees alone The wind in the leaves makes a lonely sound, the cries for what can not be found The roots have grown so deep, they’re in search of what they need The slight of a hand could bring them down, the smallest flood could make them all drown Slowly she walks through the fields speaking words the trees can feel Her voice shakes them to their bones, they start to stretch they start to grow She sheds her tears to feed them now and a renewal comes about It starts slowly but then it spreads, its an awakening of the dead Then the trees start to cry out, in new voices they shout They sing like no ones ever heard, a song to all people of earth Peace be among you men Take heart in the world you’ve been given Open your eyes to your brothers pain And help them become whole once again
The Fall 02:32
I was there at the fall of man I stood atop of this crumbling land And I asked myself where’d we go wrong As I screamed to the sky The knife that cuts the axe that swings The hand that holds all of these things I’ve seen them lost they’ve been cut away I’ve seen them fall to their lies And so we’ll sing our songs to you And pray for the mercy in all that you do Though we’ve forgot about the love that you taught Still we wait for your reply
Tree King 06:31
The trees all gathered around in a great council meeting They had come together once again to anoint a king Someone to reign and watch over us but who shall it be One spoke out from the crowd and said elect the olive tree One by one they approached the olive tree and said reign over us But he answered in reply behind his hidden smile shall I leave my abundance My oils that make the gods and men both sing To hold sway over you and be your king With heads hanging low they rested their hope upon the fig tree Come reign over us, come be our king over all that you can see Looking down into the crowd the fig said shall, shall I leave The sweetness of my good fruit and go hold sway over the trees Losing hope, their spirits sinking low they traveled onward to the vine Come watch over us and treat us as sons, be the light that we all see Twisting and turning around them he said shall I leave My wine that cheers both God and men to hold sway over the trees In one last attempt the trees approached the bramble bush Won’t you please come and reign over us The bramble looked up and said to the trees If in good faith you are anointing me king Then come take refuge in my shade son But if not let fire come down and devour the cedars of lebanon
I heard the tower crumble as you hit the ground I watched the townspeople all gather around They said why did you try, it was suicide You’re mother read you the story when you were young Of the tower that was built to reach the heavens above After hearing of their failure you claimed you knew where they’d gone wrong And you set out to complete the task as your families heads all hung They said please dont try, it is suicide Brick by brick you gathered and worked as the tower grew Your friends and family joined together to intercede for you You screamed from your tower I’m going to the sky And no one can stop me no not even God would dare ever try and we prayed why Lord oh why, cant he swallow his pride I heard the tower crumble as you hit the ground I watched the townspeople all gather around
There was one thing that I could do to save your life enslaved under a witches watchful eye After five years I said no more Im done Im through she said if you leave there will be a curse on you And now I watch you from the branches of my trees perch on your window but you seem disgusted by me My caw my hideous melody my lullaby I try to sing you to sleep but instead you cry A father birds no father indeed no father to you your mothers eyes the water inside when you ask who So you set out to find a man you’ve never known a man whose presence would have completed your home To the witches of whom shed heard so many tales eyes as black as night and skin that is so pale “Yes i knew your father she said but many years ago he tried to turn his back so i turned him into a crow And if you don’t leave at once to you I’ll do the same your friends and family will get it worse and you’ll be to blame” “I’m not afraid of you she said as she looked in her eyes I’ll get my father back and make sure of your demise” She started to sing she started to dance and the witch wondered why she started to yell she started to shout she started to cry The ground it started to shake as the witch screamed I’ll curse you, take your life and put an end to this thing The crow dived down to stop the witches attack a flurry of feathers and a streak of black Crumpled and broken the bird lay on the floor but slowly it began to change to transform “My daughter my dear now you see that crow that you had so much disgust for that was me I was always with you always by your side and here I am with you on the day that I die” The daughters eyes filled with tears and she began to sing one last song to you I will bring “I’ll sing your song I’ll sing your song When you can no longer carry on I’ll sing it loud for all to hear I’ll sing it strong and without fear”
If I read you a story would it be new would it be the first time someone read it to you If I planted a seed would you let it grow would you give it water, keep it from the snow If I started a fire would you promise not to put it out would you let it consume your life, be what you’re about These are the questions that plague my head ‘cause when I see you, you look so dead These are the thoughts that fill my mind ‘cause when I hear your voice you don’t sound fine If I sat you down and looked into your eyes would they be filled with red could I see your demise If the doctors drilled into your head and looked into your brain would they see the things there that once kept you sane And if your friends all gathered to say goodbye would you look around at them and would you cry If they dug a hole for you into the ground would you make it your new home because of the life that you found Or would you crawl out and fix the things that you had caused when you were in your dreams These are the questions that plague my head These are the thoughts that fill my mind
Animals will lose their souls to guide you home Long live the Slaughtered Lamb
I have seen the road die  Often where my hope lies Filled with many failed attempts To fill the shoes my father sent You found me with a bag of nails and took me to the tree Said this is how I loved you dear and now you are free There was a man that once loved me He promised he would never leave  And though I am a bag of bones He loved me more than anyone From the dark He found me out Paved the road with another route Took my eyes, took my heart, shook my world, set me apart And O like the sun He raised me up And O like the sea He filled me up  His banner over me is Love We will shout with joy when The Lord does come 'Cause His banner over us is love So love your brother, love your sister Just like He loved you 'Cause all we need is Love
In the dark I have no name and these faces are all the same With teeth barred into the night and eyes closed to the light and you cry You step out of line and you scream these things aren’t as they seem Open your eyes and see what’s around this is not the king that we’ve crowned So stand up brothers stand and fight stand up for what is right Lay down your swords and your guns and pick up the words of the son Swords and guns may cut me down but I’ll never bow before your crown There’s a fire in my heart that cant be doused and if I fall my soul will break out I was hung from the gallows for what I believed they cut me down and buried me deep But my words still lingered in the air spreading like a wildfire, tyrants beware Oh to be a sparrow in the sky, and chase after the dove flying by
Father Sea 04:46
My father said row out to sea Search for the sun Join with the mist And become the one So I found a tree and cut it down So I could build myself a boat And I paddled out to sea Just to find that it couldn’t float The water closed around my head As I threw up my hands I said I’m sorry dad I failed you I never should have left the land Where I was born Where I laid my head As my mother read me stories of the past


released May 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Those Know-It-Alls & Their Mighty Causes San Marcos, Texas

Reagan Smith - guitar, vocals
Rand Renfrow - banjo
Amber Shirah - cello, vocals
Matthew Hagerman - viola
Jon Zmikly - trumpet
Nathanael Smith - trumpet
Aaron English - drums
Joseph Chance - trombone
Glynn Jordan - glockenspiel
Chad Jaso - bass
Maggie Heath - vocals
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